SC-1102 - Ford Fiesta Triple Dash | Steering Control Adaptor

SC-1102 - Ford Fiesta Triple Dash | Steering Control Adaptor

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Part Number:SC-1102

Stalk Adaptor Compatible with the following Vehicles:

  • Ford Fiesta : 2002 onwards
PLEASE NOTE : If you have a dashboard mounted audio display then this will not work once the new stereo is fitted but your clock and temperature will remain.

A stalk/steering wheel control adaptor enables you to utilise the original factory remote audio (whether built onto steering wheel or fitted on a stalk next to the steering wheel) with an aftermarket unit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that is the correct Stalk Adaptor for your car by firstly checking to see if your make, model and year of car is listed in the advert. Secondly by checking to see if the connection in the picture listed is the same as you have in your vehicle.

If the connection in the car is different from what you see in the picture then this adaptor is NOT suitable.

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