DAB Glass Antenna

DAB Glass Antenna

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This is a discrete DAB window film aerial avoiding the need to drill a hole in the vehicles body as previously required with less sensitive receivers. 

Key Features 

  • Active antenna
  • Band 2 reception
  • Low noise integrated amplifier
  • Earth bond contact for superior reception

General Features 

  • Operating Temp. -30degrees~+80degrees
  • Storage Temp. -40degrees~+85degrees
  • Recommended temp. for ELEMENT installation +10degrees~30degrees, Less than 80%RH
  • Weight App.45g
  • Frequency Band
  • Band :174~240MHz
  • L-Band :1452~1492MHz
  • Power supply voltage DC+9.0~+16.0V (DC+12.0V Typ.)
  • Output Impedance 50O(The official)
  • Cable type/length 0.8D/3.5m
  • Connector SMB type

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